I Want peace. love. self acceptance. growth. connection. healing.

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EniThingIWant is a wellness & faith based production company

We bring products and concepts to life through uplifting creative productions!

Imagine this...

We’re enveloped within a garden, being serenaded by little birds as a river smoothly cascades across the land and a piano plays in the distance. The sun is shining and the breeze is refreshing. At ease, we lay upon the plush grass, donned in our most elegant yet comfortable attire. Freely, we discuss our spiritual path, and the inner workings of our hearts.

~ Listen below for samples, then dive in! ~

From Web Design to Creative & Event Production, Brand Management and beyond, EniThingIWant is at your service! We love helping businesses and entrepreneurial spirits convey their vision into eye catching visuals that aim to stand the test of time!

EniThingIWant Creative House

As a wellness and faith based creative production company, we are always coming up with new ways to artistically express the complexity of the human experience. Dive into our podcasts, meditation library, online courses and more. Let's connect, grow, and expand into a more open and honest future.

Our products embody the core of the EniThingIWant spirit. Shop for one of a kind fashion pieces, explore spiritual truths through scripture inspired art prints, or dive into the first ever EniThingIWant poetry book "Divine Healing" . Check out our Store to explore our slowly but surely growing collection

EniThingIWant Creative House is an agency dedicated to creating a new infrastructure within the creative industry. The goal is to usher in a new way for creative individuals to continue to shine their individuality through the content they create for brands, while simultaneously being uplifted by the agency in their own individual endeavors. This is done through clothing, photography, film, guided meditations, events and more! Explore the ETIW universe by diving into our creations!