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5 Ways to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You!

January 3rd, 2019 By Eniola Kolawole

~ Tap to follow the yellow brick road ~


Say Goodbye to the judgmental "friends"

You know how they say those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care? Well, it is 10000% true. You are only getting older each year, have you tried to improve yourself and care more about your well being? If yes, do the people you surround yourself with cheer you on or put you down? It took me getting out of a high school full of people I could never really connect with for me to realize it was neither of our faults. I was not less than for not fitting in, nor were they better/worse for being able (or unable) to fit in. 

There are millions of people on this planet. You can find people who are right for you, but first, you need to politely detach yourself from those who are not. Start by going to places that interest you and striking up a conversation with a stranger. Do not let one person’s rejection get you down. The conversation does not need to lead to something major. Use it as practice and keep going, things will fall into place! 

Identify your loyal friends and become partners in crime. Talk about your goals and hold each other accountable!

Sometimes you don’t need to cut people off, but pull them close. Take time to recognize who has been there for you, and ask yourself if you have been there for them. Relationships are a two-way street. It is important to have people on your side, but make sure the scale is balanced. Open up with these people and see if they too are looking for someone to help them through this thing called LIFE. Let conversations happen naturally. You do not need to be best friends that talk every day. Just know that you are each other’s number one fan and watch each other blossom and grow as you shower one another with love, patience, and understanding.

Read the back story of your role model. You'll see "caring what others think" was most likely not on their list of accomplishments.

I mean just look at the Obamas! Michelle’s counselor told her she was not ivy material. LOOK AT HER NOW! Never let other people tell you what your dream should be or how to do it. Dare I say it, even your parents. They want what’s best for you. But it is not them that will be dealing with the miserable feeling of a life that does not feel fully lived. I full heartedly believe it is better to try desperately and fail miserably than to forever wonder “what if?…”

Buy a Journal, it'll help you organize your mind, and start to live with more purpose!

Start writing down what you want to do and how. Even if you are not sure, writing can help declutter your mind. About two months before I decided to start Enithingiwant, I began journaling. It helped me start having more in-depth conversations with myself and ultimately visualizing my goals. Things became more clear. I do not journal every day, but I write every day. Even if it is just a note to help me remember an idea or a to-do list for the week. Journals come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Emotional or functional, start writing!  

Write down what you want to accomplish and at least three small things that will help you do it.

Visualize a goal, then write down a few small steps that will help you accomplish it. You do not need to have all the pieces to the puzzle, find them along the way. Life is a huge long adventure. It would be so boring if everything went EXACTLY as planned. It is important to have goals, but don’t restrict yourself! Take it one step at a time but don’t forget to dance along the way!! Having a clear view of what you want can really help make life less stressful as you become a better you and care less about what others think of you.

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