Psalm 23:1

EniThingIWant, the Lord will provide.

Week of Nov 16: Eva


Here is the podcast episode for this interview. It’s basically the audio version of this article. <3

About Images: Photoshoot for Eva’s brand done in collaboration with Eniola and Roshan Jacob ETIW

Q1: Do you believe you are in this world to create? Why or why not?

1.1 “Truthfully, I feel like I’m not fully aware of why I am in this world yet. And in that sense, I don’t know if why I’m here is to create. I know that it’s something I enjoy doing. And I enjoy learning about and trying to get better at and those are the reasons why I do create”

Q2: How does it feel to co-create?

2.1 “As someone who does prefer to work in solitude I find it really necessary to co-create especially when I’m able to see someone else do something that I have not learned how to do yet and see what their individual approaches to things that I both do and don’t know how to do. I think it keeps me more grounded and open-minded and consistently happy.”

Q3: How do you feel about your negative emotions?

3.1 “I feel like as I grow, I’m becoming more familiar with my negative emotions and what they are and how to best sit with them. I feel like in the past, I kind of refuse to see them at face value and would try my best to avoid any sort of discomfort. But I’m growing in patience and I think that has contributed to my ability to sort of wade through them so to speak, and to not avoid them the best my ability.”

Q4: Do you believe you can appreciate your positive emotions if you never had negative ones? Why or why not?

4.1 “I feel that it is important to experience both to heighten the sense of positivity when you are feeling good and happy and other positive emotions. I think that you can also appreciate your negative emotions in the new way when taking into account your positive emotions and how you ultimately benefit from them. And I think to grow as a person properly, and to experience all of life’s things properly, you do need to experience both your negative and positive emotions.”

Q5: What does self forgiveness mean to you?

5.1 “As I mentioned earlier, I’m becoming more aware of what my negative emotions are and what they look like to me and how to properly process them. And I believe that trying to understand these better is my ultimate way of self-forgiving and accepting those parts about myself that I least enjoy. I think that self-forgiveness is something that is best learned. And when I exercise patience with my negative emotions and allow myself to self forgive, that is a sign that I’m growing for actively”

Q6: What is something that keeps you up at night? How do you overcome it?

6.1 “I feel like the two things in my life that keep me up the most are boredom and loneliness, especially when combined. They
allow me to overthink. It’s hard to disengage from them. And they’re two emotions that you simply have to sit with. That isn’t my best quality. (it is) something that I’m working on.
But, again, experiencing those emotions are important and are inevitable and I’d rather exercise the patience necessary to deal with them than to avoid them or run from them.”