Artist: Taya


A praise and worship session 

to uplift your soul up to the heavens.

Wherever your feet my fall…

may you remember the Author

 The Creator

The one and only


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Artist: G.E.S.

Spiritual Love

Sometimes it’s not about what was intended, 

but what is felt. 

Some believe love songs are only for lovers

I believe the truest love is founded

on a rock that never fails.

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Artist: Triathalon


Simply a space void of speach

lather your mind with sublime beats

and creative rhythms of all kinds

You will not be disappointed

as you float high into 

a wordless


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Artist: Alvvays


A color that refuses to be ignored. 

Find all the alt energy you can muster

with these musical creations that will leave you feeling elated.

loose yourself in bright dazzling music

as you jump around in your own

sunny haze.

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We all feel blue, why feel it alone? 

whether it’s a melancholy you wish to feel understood

or you’re simply not in the mood.

let these poetic sounds do all but bring you down.

Feel complete as you submerge yourself in an ocean of 


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Artist: Raveena


soft words that will caress your essence 

close your eyes and feel present in this world 

made out of cotton candy melodies and

sweet sweet memories. 

Feel yourself drift away 

as you think of those 

rosy days.

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