Eniola Kolawole

Eniola Kolawole Posing

Photo taken by Danica Robinson


Eniola Kolawole is a multifaceted artist, and entrepreneur based in New York City. She is the creator of EniThingIWant, a brand dedicated to expressing higher truths through creativity. Below are some images of Eniola’s paintings and information on her consulting service. Please peruse the website to gain more insights into the EniThingIWant mission and creative projects Eniola has been a part of.

While studying abroad in Paris during her junior year at NYU, Eniola found herself being called to explore her creative talents. She began working on EniThingIWant.com while interning at a female startup incubator, WILLA. Upon her return to NYC for her senior year, she dove into deeper creative exploration through ceramics and painting. She quickly realized creativity was her true calling in life and decided to work on building EniThingIWant immediately after graduating from NYU in 2019. 

Eniola continues to expand her visions for EniThingIWant. Her desire to inspire others to live a life led by their intuition is the foundation for everything she and EniThingIWant Creative House stands for.

April 2021

February 2021

Spiritual Creative Consulting

My experience as an artist and spiritual individual has lead me on an early life path of discovering how to balance my creative spirit with my emotional and spiritual well-being. As a result of who I have been led to become in this life, many people have come to turn to me as someone to work with as they tackle a new creative project.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in your creative life? Do you desire to cultivate an inner world that is rich, rather than only chasing after material things? If these few questions resonate, feel free to reach out to me. My goal in working with you is to give you real-life tools that will help you marry your creative endeavors to God’s desire to gift you with the spirit of peace.

The compensation for my service varies from case to case. Therefore, please let me know the details of how you would like me to assist you and we will go from there. 

Paintings by Eniola Kolawole (Click image to enlarge.)