Psalm 23:1

EniThingIWant, the Lord will provide.

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Divine Healing: Poetry Written for and by the Soul​

Created by: Eniola Kolawole

This collection of poems gives insight into some of the lessons I have learned from God so far in my life. From losing love, to finding myself, learning to love others, and accepting nourishing guidance from my intuition. 


Enjoy an immersive meditative experience of Divine Healing: Poetry Written for and by the Soul. Available on the ETIW Website by purchasing on Etsy or on Audible. 

music by: Chris Collins

Regular (~ 30 mins per reading)

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I am an Entrepreneur based in NYC dedicated to doing everything my soul calls me towards. 

I live each new day as an adventure that stands on its own. I find joy in allowing life to take me wherever she pleases. My goal in life is to use my creative and spiritual talents to help others bring their dreams into reality. 

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Much Love,

Xoxo Eniola

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