Guided Meditations

“True Love is not conditional. It does not need to be held, it does not need to be spoken to, it simply has to be. True love is limitless and boundless, it is free of desire and possession. It is free of a need to be known, heard, felt, or understood. True love stands alone, like a shipwreck in the middle of the sea. It floats on its own, Until one day its parts are seen as necessary, it saves the life of a wading soul. Giving the soul refugee even if in the end it might be tossed out in the cold. True love knows the cold is not the worst place to be, it is simply testing its boundaries. Which are in truth, limitless. True love waits, true love is patient, true love does not need. True love gives it all. True love has it all. True love loves to love even if it stands alone through it all.”

"True Love" with music

"True Love"

"Creative" (You) with Music

"Creative" (You)

"Creative" (I) with Music

"Creative" (I)

“Create from a place of quiet solitude. Listen to each whisper and allow life to flow in its strong fortitude. Do not worry about how, that will figure itself out. As you believe in your heart and simply allow. Allow the process to take place. Allow yourself to be surrounded by your own divine grace. You are loved beyond anything you could ever imagine. By yourself, the universe, even by those surrounding you on your planet. There is more to this life than meets your eye. Hold that truth in your heart and you are sure to find, that you are more abundant than you could ever imagine. Create from your heart and let go of the outcome, and you will surely overcome. You will surely see beyond the veil, you will surely prevail.”

“Hold the soul in space, Hold the soul in grace hold the soul and listen to your heartbeat gently in pace. Do not get lost in the chase, allow things to fall into place. You have so much more grace, grace, grace than you are willing to face. This is not a race. This is all happening at its desired pace. Fill yourself with patience and you will see. Do not hurt your heart more than necessary. Feel your pains, enjoy its company you are more free within than it appears externally. Hold yourself in peace hold yourself in peace hold yourself in bliss, it is who you are. Follow your inner north star. Listen to that voice. Yes you always have a choice. This life is meant to guide you. Your soul will surely find you. Simply hold yourself still. Breathe in, breathe out, become fully present in everything life presents. You are capable. You are beyond able. Hold yourself still. Breathe in, breathe out, be still.”

"hold Soul" (You Statement) With music

"hold Soul" (I Statement)with music

"hold Soul" (You)

"hold Soul" (I)

"Know Fear" (You) with Music

"Know Fear" (I) with Music

"Know Fear" (You)

"Know Fear" (I)

“Do not fear the process that is happening inside, let emotions flow up. do not try to hide. As you let life flow You are sure to find that there is nowhere left to go except deep deep deeper into your soul. Nothing else can take you there except what you are experiencing right here, let things become bare, Do not be afraid to go there. Fear is a teacher, listen to her. Hear. The stillness within will continue to expand, As you continue to have no and have known fear.”

“Hold yourself close, closer, closer still, be comfortable in this solitude, breathe in and be still. Do not fear this level of vulnerability, It is the key to unlocking your strongest abilities.
Hold yourself close, closer, and closer still. Lend out your hand to the hidden child crying within you. Let them know they are heard, loved and being made to be brand new. Let your fears of rejection be released, realize nobody can hurt you even half as much as you believed. Hold yourself close, closer, closer still. Be silent and allow yourself to feel. Let your heart open up to the river of emotions flowing within you, open yourself to a mountain of endless liberation that is soon to find you. Hold yourself close, closer, closer still. Be still.”

"Be Still" (You) with Music

"Be Still" (You)

"Be Still" (I) with Music

"Be Still" (I)

"Realign & Realize" (You) with music

"Realign & Realize" (You)

"Realign & Realize" (I) With music

"Realign & Realize" (I)

Realign and realize that you are already found
Do not go exploring any further
Because what you need,
You have never been without

Connect within yourself
Transcend this shell you are in
Give love and blessings to this self
And feel yourself expand from within

A life free of fears
Is not a life free of tears
Open up those gates
And allow yourself to fully feel and experience your heartaches
There’s no need to be afraid of them
We will always be here to guide you through it all
There’s no need to be afraid of them
Like a child you learn more every time you fall
So in your life you are not resigning to crawling
And instead you become aware of your capacity to stand tall.
But the only way to learn this is to transcend your perceived fear of falling

Fall so you can stand tall
Fall so you can stand tall
Fall so you can stand tall

Experience the deeper satisfaction
That comes with this process
Do not get lost in instant gratification
Allow things to unfold by laying your fear to rest

We will always be by your side
Fall deeper within yourself and you are sure to find
Just how much you too are incredibly divine