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EniThingIWant came in to give the You Bridge Health brand a ‘face-lift’ of sorts. We set out to build upon the personal vision they had already began to create. Our main objective was to make choices that would set them up for success! We accomplished this by creating a holistic brand identity that flows easily into new manners of expression such as social media, youtube, corporate materials and more! 

brand management case studies enithingiwant

Web Design and Brand Management by EniThingIWant

Content Creation and Social Media Management by Enithingiwant


Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine is a restaurant based in Crown Heights NYC. They have big dreams for their business and brand. I went in to help them strategize how to bring those dreams into a visual reality. By growing their social media presence, they are increasing their brand awareness as they continue on to their business goals and aspirations.


Bowery Poetry, previously known as Bowery Poetry Club, is a nonprofit located in lower manhattan. As the name suggests, it is right on Bowery street, surrounded by bars, galleries and other event venues. Though they once had the space to themselves, it was renovated in 2012 and they now share it with Duane Park, a high-end burlesque themed restaurant. The restaurant has the place from Tuesday to Friday and Bowery Poetry Club from Sunday to Monday.

Poem by @jeff_shepherd_ on Instagram visual by me

Poem by Maya Mahmoud Image by @_sabrinasantiago on Instagram


The @poetny Instagram page is dedicated to pictures from a show series held every Sunday night at Bowery Poetry called Poet NY. This series is meant to bring in poets who are in New York City, native or not. The host often uses this event as an opportunity to give features to international poets visiting NYC.


Paris Lit Up is a non-profit located in Paris, France. They were established in 2012 by Jason Francis McGimsey. Jason endeavored to create Paris Lit Up because he felt the poetic groups he found in Paris were often unwilling to give a platform to more radical and emotionally charged poetry that talks about the struggles of all types of people and experiences. Jason said “ I have pretty severe beliefs in social justice and whatever I do has to be a reflection of that.” 

Their company vision is to give all poets, particularly the young, somewhere to share their politically and/or emotionally driven creations. 

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