Week of Nov 23: Roshan Jacob

Here is the podcast episode for this interview. 

About Image: photo taken by Roshan Jacob.

Q1: Where or when do you feel most at peace?

1.1 “I’m not sure how to answer this. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that peace is attainable anywhere at any time. It’s not about a location or time but more of a state of mind and what you’re focusing on.”

Q2: Do you believe peace is a state that can be channeled at any time? Why or why not?

2.1 “I believe this to be true. Everything starts in the mind and you can always have inner peace if you make an effort towards it. There will always be things in this world that will try to disrupt your thinking and feelings, but as long as you are strong in mind and focus on what’s important then I don’t think any of that matters.”

About Image: photo taken by Roshan Jacob for Eva.  Styling by Eniola and Eva

Q3: What does Soul Family mean to you?

3.1 “Soul family is a group of people that you have an unconditional love for whether you’re related or not. Every human will fit into this category because we are all made in the same image.”

Q4: When you’re creating, how do you feel?

4.1 “I feel like I’m in a flowing state where things make sense. I believe there is always a reason for what you’re doing even if your upper level of consciousness doesn’t know why. It feels great to be able to create something that just feels right. “

About Image: Roshan Jacob photography

Q5: Do you believe your inner state impacts your outer world or your outer world impacts your inner state?

5.1 “This is an interesting question because I believe that both can be true. In my experience, I believe that everything starts in the mind but I also believe that external influences can have an impact on how you see the world around you and how you think. It’s all a matter of what you let affect you. I think it’s important to keep an open mind and let things flow in your life.”

About Image: Roshan Jacob photo with EniThingIWant words

Q6: In what ways could you say you have grown into yourself in the last 5 years?

6.1 “I think everyday is a growing experience. There is something to learn in every situation and moment. I feel that as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware of my core beliefs and have strived to follow them as best as I can. Growing older physically doesn’t necessarily bring maturity but I believe that putting myself out there in more and more new situations has helped me to learn more about myself and has helped me to develop new ways of thinking. I feel that I’ve grown into myself by understanding what behaviors I need to change about myself in order to become the person I want to be and what I need to accept about myself as to not worry so much about fitting in. Being myself has become very important to me. There is only one me and I want to be the best version of myself as I can.”

Q7: What makes you feel good?

7.1 “I feel good when I know that I’ve done the best that I can in anything that I’m doing. It makes me sad to think that I could have done better and yes, I won’t always be able to perform to my full capabilities but as long as I know I’ve done my best then that is enough for me.”