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The Power of Visuals: Instagram Marketing and Brand International Visibility

The way social media is evolving has changed the way people consume information which in turn is changing branding approaches. Today “77% of the fortune 500 companies are using social media….90% of marketers are using social media to engage with customers” (Paswan). People are drawn to companies because of what they stand for and how they are able to make this known through visuals. Social media allows marketers to do this in an innovative interactive way. This is why I am interested in looking at two creative organizations, Bowery Poetry Club in NYC and Paris Lit up in Paris, to see how they are using instagram to increase their visibility in a world where marketing and business growth is becoming increasingly dependent on a company’s ability to navigate the aesthetic world of social media marketing.

I hope to understand how they are making their city specific creative business reach a wider, global audience through social media. Through this I will learn how these methods can be improved so the social media relationship becomes mutually beneficial for the global business to customer relationship. The globality of this project rests in how social media is dominating the world of marketing. It is a global phenomenon that might be manifesting itself differently in Paris and New York City. I am choosing to display my findings on a website because I want to use visuals to make the information I am gathering more digestible to the viewers.

Dive Into The Process

The Question…

I first learned about Bowery Poetry Club when I googled “poetry in NYC” I was drawn to them because of how professional and clean their website looked and what they seemed to stand for as a creative space. They hold different types of events that aim to attract poetry lovers of all ages and background onto their stage. I saw they were looking for social media interns and decided to apply. After getting the job, I began working with the team during events.

I decided to follow them on Instagram and immediately recognized that this was where I could really make the most difference. 

My work with Bowery Poetry went on to inspire my thesis project and ultimately led me to finding Paris Lit Up. I found Paris Lit Up while searching for poetry spaces or events in Paris. When I found their Instagram, I saw that they were using it in a similar way to bowery poetry.

Thus sparking my desire to research ways to improve the social media strategy of these two creative spaces in different parts of the world.

Click on each location to learn about the challenging creative journey.

Bowery Poetry 

Manhattan, New York

Paris Lit Up

Paris, France