Psalm 23:1

EniThingIWant, the Lord will provide.


Sustainable 3D Printed Purses

Unique, Fashionable, Biodegradable, Modern.


Our vision is to create accessories that are made out of sustainable materials and fabrics with biodegradable 3D printer filament as the main source of structure. 

With 3D printed technology and vintage fashion we can create unique pieces that are fashion forwards while being environmentally conscious. 


Style shot of purse.

Prototype of purse dimension 


To begin, we are in the process of creating a purse that is aesthetically pleasing while also pushing the conversation on how to create sustainable fashion that will neither break our wallets or further hurt the environment. 

As we become more conscious of how the things we do hurt the planet, more people I talk with have mentioned the anxiety they sometimes feel when purchasing fast fashion. 

3d printed fashion can help change the way we look at style evolution, and environmental consciousness.


To begin we are looking into finding fabric that is biodegradable and sustainable such as cheesecloth and flannel. The purse above is made out of flannel and 3D printer filament that is also biodegradable.

Example of 3D printed fabric 

A design that will be put on the purse.


The next step of the process would be to create a sturdy purse with nice structure. To make the purses fashion forwards and unique we are creating unique patterns, visuals, and images that will be put onto the purses using the 3D printer. We will also look into finding more unique colored and textured biodegradable fabrics

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